Color of Interest

I always knew from the time of being a little WHITE WOMAN I wanted more than what life offered. Yes, a ‘white woman’? What does white have to do with anything? To be honest it really does. I have heard based on the color of my skin, I will have it easy. I will be paid more. I will be what society wanted/wants. I will always have a job. I will always be in the higher class. I will be rich. I will drive a nice car. I will be given everything in life. I will never have to work for my degree. I will get away with murder or a crime.

All these stipulations are INCORRECT about me. I have amazing parents that made my life easier and of course GOD on my side. Overall, my life hasn’t been easy. I’ve been in trouble, got speeding tickets, had car accidents, struggle with school, failed classes, didn’t get jobs that I really wanted, never been rich, and honestly, if I almost went to jail for a speeding ticket, I don’t think I can get away with murder/crime… Got my first cash paying job at 11 years old, babysitting babies. Ever since that job, I have worked hard for money at my other jobs. Yes, I may have it easier than some people in this world that don’t have nothing. I really do appreciate everything I have and THANK GOD FOR WAKING ME UP AND PROVIDING FOR ME every day.

There are some people that strike me the wrong way saying to me WHITE people have it easier than all the others. Opinions are opinions, but being a white person and raised on everything I know. I saw my parents (WHICH ARE WHITE) working hard,  having late nights, my dad pulling three jobs, bills not being paid, barely having transportation, living in an apartment with no lights, cars being towed, losing everything, having no food, kicked out of the house, having nowhere to stay, and just everything. I have also seen amazing days where my family has spending money and everything. People fail to realize that the government doesn’t care if your white, black, purple or pink, they will charge you, they take things, and they make you pay bills.

There are people of the other race than me that have been treated bad and I do apologize for all that. Nobody deserves to be treated harshly for no reason. Like God says its best, we must love everybody whether they are the work of the enemy and done things to us that we will never forget. You must not hold grudges to ones that don’t know or knowing. We are all god’s children so we must forgive.


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