Dear Future Husband

To my one and only. I wish you knew how bad it hurts when I see you walk to class without I LOVE YOU or even a Kiss Goodbye. I sit and wait for your eyes to meet mine when you get out a class. I wait PATIENTLY. I don’t know what to say when I just saw you at Lunch or just 50 minutes ago. Do I ask the simple questions or just random? When I see you it’s like the cares in the world disappear. All the stress is gone and it’s just paradise.  Am I too clingy or is it because I want your attention?

Gaming is the essential when it came to not knowing I was there. Sometimes I say to myself, I wish I was the game or the Xbox. I use to love playing video games with you and I still do, but now it’s like all you do is stare at the screen when not doing homework. I get it, you wanna relax from the day and not worry about waking til at least 11:30 am. I wish I could go asleep with you next to me, but I go to sleep alone. Alone with my butt up next to the window. All this room should feel nice, but its loneliness. I couldn’t wait till I got out the shower and you were already in bed waiting for me, but you were already asleep. I shouldn’t feel like this but I do right now. Wishing you saw that I was lonely and felt alone. But… I shouldn’t complain, you not doing anything wrong, you’re not out here running the streets, you not with another woman being loving to her, but you’re here. I try my best not let my emotions get the best of me because it could be worse.

Love is PATIENCE. Love is KIND. I keep running those words through my head, waiting for the right things to say to you without you getting mad at me or even feel some type of way. I sometimes wish I was more hard on you, but I just relax and try my best to go with the flow. I couldn’t resist you when you first made your moves and made me important. All women want to feel wanted and appreciated, but it’s something about equally balance need to take place. A man and woman should compromise on things. Especially on time that is need to pay attention to each other. EVERYONE DESERVES LOVE AND AFFECTION.




Your Future Wife


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